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So, I finally collected every story I have posted so far and put them together. Most of the stories are German, but there are going to be more English ones in the future.

updated: 21.09.11


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So this happened:

Me and my best (female) friend are at the swimming pool, wanting to purchase a ticket.

I: "I'd like one student."

He: *laughs* "What'd you rather have? A girl or a boy?"

I: (thinking we were talking about having babies) "I'd rather have a girl."

He: *laughs again, unsure now* "Oh, really? Well, what about you?"

My friend: "I'd like a student ticket as well."

He: made some cheeky comment about the similarity of our request and the fact that she's a student as well.

I: *pointing at her* "That's why I brought mine." (Don't ask me why I said that. It fit the content of what he had said!)

Then he was really surprised and made a few more inappropriate (but nonetheless funny) comments and in the end gave us half an hour more than we paid for because he said he'd been too impudent.

And guess who only realized afterwards that we've been talking about my homosexual relationship? Yeah, that'd be me. My friend was laughing at me so hard. And I loved her so much more in that moment that she just decided to play along for the fun of it.

My mind is always in the gutter so I usually decide that people are more likely to be talking about the more innocent version of what I'm implying. Then things like this happen. I couldn't stop grinning that evening.

Misogyny and pedophilia

Did you ever ask yourself why women are supposed to shave most of their body hair?
I had this discussion with friends a couple of days ago. They were of the opinion that it's just another thing men invented to belittle/suppress/whatever women and I was of the opinion that no man could be so dumb as to come up with something as ridiculous as this, therefore it had to be something women made up in their desire to please/appeal. Yes, for a woman who likes other women better than men I have a strange hatred towards my own gender.

Yet, the thought didn't leave me be. And then I wrote her this little story today via mobile phone (btw I still have one of those old ones with numbered keys. Also I'm sorry for all mistakes, I copied it directly):

*spontaneously bursts into song* I've got a theory... on why women shave most of their body hair. You see, once upon a time there was a prince who liked to play with the kids from his kingdom. When he grew up and became king his free time became more limited, but he still had time for every little person that came before his throne. But as he got older everyone started bugging him about an heir. For he was curious he took the first woman with him to bed when he was seventeen. He didn't like it very much. Then when he was king, servants were sent out all over the world to attract a bride for him. For he was rich and powerful many a woman answered the request but every single one was rejected. But then a rumor surfaced.

All the women in his harem were said to be shaved of all hair except the one on their head. So a smart princess put it into practice and what do you know? She was the first to ever hold his attention for more than a week. Unfortunately, she was a calculating and power-hungry bitch so he didn't marry her as well. Many women tried after her, using the same trick and all the lowly women that looked up to their queen and princesses took after them. The wealthy and picky king ended up not marrying at all, but by the time his family name died out the damage had already been done. And the moral of the story: man made women shave to reduce them to children and be able to disregard their opinions as such, but the real culprit was a guy who had an unhealthy fetish for kids and didn't know what to do about it.

This is what happens when my brain is combining extreme underage porn with feminism. Sometimes I'm a little scared of myself.
I just finished my fifth date in two days. No, it's not like that. :P
Meeting five different guys I've never talked to before is hard work. Now I totally understand why people fake emergency calls when a date is too awkward. Although I still prefer to be truthful about it. But at least I actually got a dance partner out of it, who I'm more than able to talk to (I think we talked over two hours), who has the same views on bigotry, bullying and religious assholes as me, and he knows how to dance. Also, he didn't react too awkwardly when I told him that I will not be interested, in any way (in case the rainbows on my fingers hadn't tipped him off yet). And yes, aythia I was crazy enough to actually do that. Six colors on ever single fingernail. Is anyone still questioning my insanity?
But it's actually quite interesting what some guys tell you when you let them. Well, still glad that it's over.

Fic: The One Who Got Away

Remind me to never, ever, EVER have another writing deadline in the middle of exam weeks!
If it weren't for you, aythia, I'd never gotten through this. Thank you so much! *hugs*
Now I need to go prepare some more for the test I'm writing in three hours. -.-°

Fic title: The One Who Got Away
Pairing/Genre: AU, hurt/comfort
Rating: R
Word count: ~ 9 k
Warnings/Spoilers: wing!fic, age difference (Jared is 28 here and Jensen 17), schmoop, total lack of porn, unbeta'ed

Summary: Jensen is just your average high school student (except that he grows wings once a month). His world gets turned around when Jared moves into the apartment below him.

The slow prickling sensation moves down Jensen's spine and makes him shiver involuntarily. All eyes in the room are suddenly on him, piercing through his skin. The prickling turns more uncomfortable. He needs to leave. Now.

Nano fucks with my sanity

So I've found myself wanting to do Nano again this year. Because I have the time, the right head space, and a plot!
Or actually I had a pairing I wanted to slash and then kind of build a plot to justify that pairing. Which, wrong!
Anyway, aside from the story not working out I was talking to a friend yesterday about it and tried to get somewhere with it that I can actually work with starting Tuesday. And then, over the course of three hours, it went from monogamous, dub-con-ish lesbian UST (plus added porn at the very end) to incestuous, lesbian threesome that destroys the world. IDK! The rest of my thought-up cast is basically unnecessary and pretty much anyone (men and women) can get pregnant because conception has a more magical and less scientific reason. Oh and there are - sorry, were - dragons and my mind is a strange and terrifying place.
And did I mention that this is a fantasy story? FML. I don't do fantasy. I CAN'T do fantasy. I love reading it, but my mind doesn't work that way.
I'm really afraid that I'll stop writing somewhere in the middle because I can't think past all the possibilities that fantasy leaves you with.
This is me freaking out. -.-
Have some birthday porn! I always wanted to do this but I never got anything finished in time for my birthday. So this is a first for me, and kinda a first for Jared, too. :P
I think this is the kinkiest thing I've ever written and posted. It's definitely not the kinkiest I've ever thought about writing. ;)

Fic title: Take The Leash Off This Animal
Pairing/Genre: Jared/Jensen; PWP, non-AU
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2005 words
Warnings/Spoilers: established relationship; hypersexual!Jared, toys, pain play, overstimulation, bareback, rimming, kinda voyeurism

Summary: Jared needs a lot of sex and is used to get most of it from himself. Then Jensen walks in on him.

So maybe he likes sex a little more than your average person.


Fic: Spring Awakening

Here, have some more fic! I'm in the mood! *lol*

Fic title: Spring Awakening
Pairing/Genre: Jared/Jensen, AU, lore, fantasy
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~2,500 words
Warnings/Spoilers: god!Jensen, consort!Jared, age difference like whoa, lap!sex, schmoop, reference to het sex

Summary: For six hundred years the land had been covered in snow and ice. But now the ice is melting and trees are beginning to blossom. Everybody in Jared's town is out celebrating except for Jared himself. That is until a beautiful stranger steps through Jared's door.
Written for this prompt at the spnkink_meme.

Every town around here has its lore. Some tales are frightening, some hilarious, others make you cry or fall in love. People believe in them and that's what makes them true.


Never To Return - Chapter 1

This took me ages, but at long last it's out. Enjoy!

Fic title: Never To Return - Chapter 1
Pairing/Genre: J² / RPS, AU, movie/book adaption (Peter Pan), fantasy
Rating: PG (for now)
Word count: 1,640 for this chapter
Warnings/Spoilers: probably some kind of underage later on (~15 and ~17), anything that comes with the fantasy genre, deals with child neglect. This is a WIP, so I don't know how regularly I'll update.

Summary: When eleven Jensen follows a mysterious boy into another world full of wonders and magic. But even in a world dominated by kids, made to be an adventure and overlarge playground there are rules and some of them are harder to accept than others. In the end there are always choices to be made and consequences to bear, just like in every other world.


Chapter 1


Fic: Rush Hour

...Don't ask me how long I had this lying around on my hard drive before I finally found the courage to post it...

Fic title: Rush Hour
Pairing/Genre: J2 / AU, pre-slash? Slash?
Rating: PG
Word count: 5,127 words
Warnings/Spoilers: shy!Jensen, persistent!doctor!Jared

Summary: It's not an everyday thing that a woman goes into labor on the train home. And it's not an everyday thing that Jensen meets Jared like this. But it happens all the same.

Author's note: This is what happens when you're on the train, hear a strange noise behind you and immediately have to think of J2...

Jensen hates riding the train.