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Have some birthday porn! I always wanted to do this but I never got anything finished in time for my birthday. So this is a first for me, and kinda a first for Jared, too. :P
I think this is the kinkiest thing I've ever written and posted. It's definitely not the kinkiest I've ever thought about writing. ;)

Fic title: Take The Leash Off This Animal
Pairing/Genre: Jared/Jensen; PWP, non-AU
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2005 words
Warnings/Spoilers: established relationship; hypersexual!Jared, toys, pain play, overstimulation, bareback, rimming, kinda voyeurism

Summary: Jared needs a lot of sex and is used to get most of it from himself. Then Jensen walks in on him.

So maybe he likes sex a little more than your average person.