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Nano fucks with my sanity

So I've found myself wanting to do Nano again this year. Because I have the time, the right head space, and a plot!
Or actually I had a pairing I wanted to slash and then kind of build a plot to justify that pairing. Which, wrong!
Anyway, aside from the story not working out I was talking to a friend yesterday about it and tried to get somewhere with it that I can actually work with starting Tuesday. And then, over the course of three hours, it went from monogamous, dub-con-ish lesbian UST (plus added porn at the very end) to incestuous, lesbian threesome that destroys the world. IDK! The rest of my thought-up cast is basically unnecessary and pretty much anyone (men and women) can get pregnant because conception has a more magical and less scientific reason. Oh and there are - sorry, were - dragons and my mind is a strange and terrifying place.
And did I mention that this is a fantasy story? FML. I don't do fantasy. I CAN'T do fantasy. I love reading it, but my mind doesn't work that way.
I'm really afraid that I'll stop writing somewhere in the middle because I can't think past all the possibilities that fantasy leaves you with.
This is me freaking out. -.-