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Fic: The One Who Got Away

Remind me to never, ever, EVER have another writing deadline in the middle of exam weeks!
If it weren't for you, aythia, I'd never gotten through this. Thank you so much! *hugs*
Now I need to go prepare some more for the test I'm writing in three hours. -.-°

Fic title: The One Who Got Away
Pairing/Genre: AU, hurt/comfort
Rating: R
Word count: ~ 9 k
Warnings/Spoilers: wing!fic, age difference (Jared is 28 here and Jensen 17), schmoop, total lack of porn, unbeta'ed

Summary: Jensen is just your average high school student (except that he grows wings once a month). His world gets turned around when Jared moves into the apartment below him.

The slow prickling sensation moves down Jensen's spine and makes him shiver involuntarily. All eyes in the room are suddenly on him, piercing through his skin. The prickling turns more uncomfortable. He needs to leave. Now.