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So this happened:

Me and my best (female) friend are at the swimming pool, wanting to purchase a ticket.

I: "I'd like one student."

He: *laughs* "What'd you rather have? A girl or a boy?"

I: (thinking we were talking about having babies) "I'd rather have a girl."

He: *laughs again, unsure now* "Oh, really? Well, what about you?"

My friend: "I'd like a student ticket as well."

He: made some cheeky comment about the similarity of our request and the fact that she's a student as well.

I: *pointing at her* "That's why I brought mine." (Don't ask me why I said that. It fit the content of what he had said!)

Then he was really surprised and made a few more inappropriate (but nonetheless funny) comments and in the end gave us half an hour more than we paid for because he said he'd been too impudent.

And guess who only realized afterwards that we've been talking about my homosexual relationship? Yeah, that'd be me. My friend was laughing at me so hard. And I loved her so much more in that moment that she just decided to play along for the fun of it.

My mind is always in the gutter so I usually decide that people are more likely to be talking about the more innocent version of what I'm implying. Then things like this happen. I couldn't stop grinning that evening.