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As long as you believe in it

it doesn't matter if it's not true!

I just died in your arms tonight...
20 September
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Peter invites his Mum for tea.
She notices his flat mate Joe is very handsome, slightly camp and although she suspected Peter's gay he denies that anything is going on, and says that they are only flat mates.
A week later Joe says to Peter, "Ever since your mam came to tea, I can't find the frying pan." Peter emails his Mum and says."Dear Mum, I'm not saying that you DID take the frying pan, and I'm not saying you DID NOT take the frying pan, but, its been missing ever since u came for tea. Love Peter".

His Mum replies. "Dear son, I'm not saying you DO sleep with Joe and I'm not saying you DO NOT sleep with Joe, but, if he was sleeping in his own bed he would have found the fucking frying pan by now.
Love Mum"

Moral of the story...


I'm twenty (which is a huge deal for me), female (which bothers me, sometimes) and slash for a living. Ehrm, okay, not yet, but I hope to, someday. Currently I'm not doing much of anything, fresh out of school, not yet enrolled in any university.

Writing isn't particularly news to me but writing English awfully well. Remembering that I was extremely crappy at it in school, it always amazes me how I'm able to string more than two sentences together without making too big a grammatical mess. Just the commas are driving me nuts! Seriously!

I come with baggage, but who doesn't? You don't have to care if you don't want to.

That's me.

I don't friend back automatically. I like to know people if they want to know about me. So, if you care to find out more about me, drop me a line about yourself, tell me something you love (or hate), tell me about a dream or just some random thought that pops into your head; anything that makes you an interesting person (because I believe everybody has something like that).