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go back once more | look forward it's going great

I just finished my fifth date in two days. No, it's not like that. :P
Meeting five different guys I've never talked to before is hard work. Now I totally understand why people fake emergency calls when a date is too awkward. Although I still prefer to be truthful about it. But at least I actually got a dance partner out of it, who I'm more than able to talk to (I think we talked over two hours), who has the same views on bigotry, bullying and religious assholes as me, and he knows how to dance. Also, he didn't react too awkwardly when I told him that I will not be interested, in any way (in case the rainbows on my fingers hadn't tipped him off yet). And yes, aythia I was crazy enough to actually do that. Six colors on ever single fingernail. Is anyone still questioning my insanity?
But it's actually quite interesting what some guys tell you when you let them. Well, still glad that it's over.